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Erenfred Pedersen A/S

Counseling, sales and service - since 1966

Landsdækkende rådgivning, salg og service af maskiner og værktøj

​We are happy to welcome you at Erenfred Pedersen A/S, a Danish family business founded in 1966, in which the unique selling points are counseling, sales and service combined.

Dealing with us, means dealing with one of the widest suppliers of entrepreneurial material in the market. Our goal is to act as your overall supplier, whether in need of certain products, counseling or specified service solutions. Because of this, we are also in constant progression for finding new ways to adjust and tune in our current product range, as existing solutions to provide you with the most valuable offers in terms of your exact needs.

Who we are …

From stores in Aalborg and Copenhagen, as in our webshop, our highly competent professionals spread throughout sales- and service assistance, consultants, service centers, as spare-parts professionals always stands to support and assist you to meet your demand.

Our focus and key competences are:

  • Counseling: because we wish to offer solutions that provides you with the highest possible value in the most profitable way.

We show commitment, seriousness and curiosity in the challenges and issues, that we face in everyday life, no matter the size. As professionals, we act with a high level of competence and knowledge within the entire value chain.

  • Sales: because we wish to offer you products and services from the world’s leading suppliers in every aspect of business.

As overall supplier to the market, and a product range consisting solely of quality brands, we show great consciousness in the continuous maintenance of products. This is to cover the entire sales process and not leave anyone behind.

  • Service: because we wish to show presence in what we do, no matter if having to deal with products, follow-ups, delivery or repairs.

Having three established service centers and a bunch of driving technicians, we deliver national service coverage. As do we never compromise the quality of our work, which is also why we engage close collaboration with our suppliers to always acquire the latest theoretical, as practical, knowledge to each assignment.

  • Since 1966: We stand by our customers. We wish to be your supplier today, tomorrow and the day after…

We are a stable and long-term partner, who has been building the necessary knowledge and competence to deliver the products or solutions you are in need of, no matter counseling, sales and/or service.

Your choice …

Due to our wide product range, it is our goal to supply you, your construction site, and/or your company at all times. However, no matter what you choose, we will welcome you with the same level of openness and competence.

No matter where, when, and how you wish to do business with us is completely up to you. You can visit us in Aalborg and Copenhagen, go to our webshop,, or call one of our more than 10 running salesmen for a visit.

Whether you are in need of counseling regarding one product or a more complex solution, we are more than happy to help you. We deliver counseling in all products within our range, as similar products, just as in spare-parts, and service and repairs when it comes to machinery. In service and repairs our three service centers, as running technicians, stands by to support and solve the problem at hand for you to return to work as fast as possible.

Always online …

At our webshop,, you always find the latest news regarding the business, from product news to business cases, just as being your direct channel in doing business with us, no matter where and when. Do it whenever comfortable.

Welcome to counseling, sales, and service at Erenfred Pedersen A/S.

Our sincerest

Erenfred Pedersen A/S